Watt fluctuations in ERG TacX Vortex

Hello everyone,

I have been having issues for the past while with my TacX Vortex and Zwift.

Unfortunately whenever I use my trainer in ERG mode (paired through my Zwift companion app on iOS to my Windows 10 computer I have challenges with wattage changes. This can be on either in free ride mode or while doing a training plan and the first 20 minutes always seems fine, with everything seeming fine. However, after the first 20 minutes if I get to a hill or a place in a training program that increases power I physically increase my power but the power output on the screen continues to decline. I can double my output and my wattage is only at half of what it was before. After pausing the ride and starting again it will work for a few minutes but then the issues start again.

This is getting very frustrating as I got this system to exercise during the winter, however when I continually “fail” exercises it does not help in keeping my training engaged.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I might do to fix this problem?