managing followers

Where is the facility to manage followers? There is an article in the knowledge base says you can find them under settings/profile in the mobile link. But it’s not so. Been looking for this on phone and PC for an hour now. Where the heck is it? Thanks.

In the Zwift Mobile Link app, tap your name at the top of the home screen.  This will show your profile.  On the page will be the number of people you are following and also how many followers you have.  You can tap each of those to see the list of people.


Many thanks!

Just an FYI: here are the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS as shown in the Knowledge Base article here: 

Go to your Profile in the Zwift Mobile Link app (not on the website)

  1. On Android: tap the menu button in the top-left, then tap your photo.
  2. On iOS: tap your photo in the top-left.

How do I stop following someone ? (Clicked by mistake)

Open the ZCA click on your profile pic in the top left, under you pic you will see Followers click on it and you will see a list of people you follow, if you click on the gray person on the right side it will pop up giving you options link unfollow.