Makuri Islands Flatland Loop timer not working in iOS

I’ve done the Flatland Loop in Makuri Islands a few times now, and it looks like it is supposed to keep a record of how long it takes, similar to The Hilly Loop route on Watopia. There’s a timer running in the corner for most of the route, and it shows data from other riders (4 of them) and my own non-existent records when I finish the route. But the timer disappears when I enter the Castle area (maybe around the 6.5-6.6 mile mark) and doesn’t reappear until I finish the route, when it starts over again at 0.0. This suggests that Zwift thinks I’ve left the route in that area, though I am riding the route that it gives me.

I’m using Zwift in iOS 1.13.2 (71228), running iOS 14.4.2.

You did leave the route for that course loop. It isn’t a standard Zwift route and you’ll have to make some manual turns to stay on it.

See Has anyone discovered the course for the Country Loop lap? - it looks like the name was changed in a recent update, as you’ll see from some of the posts.

Thanks. Probably it will take some experimenting to be able to translate those instructions into the turns I need to make.

But this still strikes me as a bug. The name of the course and the lap are both ‘Flatland Loop’; I don’t see why one should have to make manual turns in order to stay on the lap.

I know what you mean. It seemed fine when the lap name didn’t correspond to any of the route names. But now that it does …