Discrepancy between Zwift Windows and IPhone

Just the other week I cycled round Makuri - Two village loop using my iPhone (I was away from home) I completed the course and it uploaded into Strava, all was good in the world.
I get home and then start up my windows machine thinking I will tick off another course in Makuri only to see that it said I had not completed Two village loop. left it a while and it has never come through as completed.
Is this a known bug? and why would it happen?
I will re ride and complete the Two village loop that is not the issue, but if I am working away and using my iphone I would like it to register on my windows device that I have completed the course.
I certainly do not intend to take my windows PC around with me as I travel for work.

Many thanks for all your great work

Kevin Old

Does it show as completed on your iPhone?