First time doing route, but no PR recorded

I did two laps around Farmhouse Loop in Makuri Island yesterday. I have never done the full course according to Zwift (did not have the badge), even though I did it last year according to Strava. I got the badge at the end, except it still said I did not have a 90-day PR on it. I went around again, and it still said no times in the last 90 days, no PR.

I did not steer off the course. At the top of the screen, it said I was on the course the whole time on both laps. Except when it switched to a KOM segment, but then it changed back to Farmhouse Loop once I was off that route. Strava shows I completed the route twice, listing the Farmhouse Lopp segment. Strangely, Strava did give me any medals for either lap as well.

On an Apple TV with a Wahoo Kickr Bike.

Is this a bug?

FarmLAND loop doesn’t have a timed segment, you must be thinking of FLATland loop.

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Ahh ok thank you. Strava says I did Farmland Loop, but it must start and stop at the same spot as Flatland Loop? So I got confused.

Thanks for the help.