No PR!

Today I did the epic kom in what I’m sure was a pr (31:40) but got no credit for it!!?? Ride connecting to Strava confirmed pr time, but it also didn’t give me the gold pr metal. Previous best 32:47. This happened to me as well saturday on petite kom. Wth!!! Anybody seeing similar issues?

Is this a Zwift issue, or a Strava issue? Zwift doesn’t award any medals, so I am guessing you are talking about Strava. And, if this is the case, I am not sure that the Zwift Forum will have an answer for you.

Zwift didn’t give me the PR badge you see when you look at a ride. My zwift is connected to upload to Strava, which gives the medal (yellow/gold for PR). It didn’t show that gold medal but when you look at the attempts at that segment it shows today as the PR.

How long ago was your last Epic KOM ride before this? Zwift only tracks PRs for 30 days.

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Yes, I think Jim is correct. If you have not done the Epic KOM in over 30 days your previous 30-day PR will have been ‘erased’ and any new time will just be the new standard you have to surpass in order to get a PR badge for that ride. Strava, on the other hand, tracks all-time PRs, not just the past 30 days. (In a somewhat similar vein, the first time you do a segment on Strava you don’t get a PR badge, because all you’re doing is setting the standard, not beating it. Zwift works basically the same, except that if you don’t ride a segment in over 30 days it’s like you’ve never ridden it before, at least from a ‘setting a PR’ viewpoint.)

I guess that makes sense for zwift. Thanks. In Strava though it didn’t give me the gold pr badge on the achievements but I’m the right hand corner of the ride dashboard. But when you click on the segments it shows today’s ride as a pr.

I’m wondering if it has something to do with the fact I just changed from connecting to zwift in my phone to connecting with Apple TV. Same account. Here’s why: you know the stats page at the end of the ride…that shows your best 5s, 1m, 5m, 20m for all time and for that ride? Well that now shows different numbe for best ever depending whether I log in on my phone or through Apple TV. Weird right?

Actually now that I think of it, if today was the first ride after 30 had expired shouldn’t it have been a pr?

Unfortunately, no. If it’s the first time in over 30 days (in Zwift) you are effectively starting with no PR on that segment. So, even if it’s your best time ever, you are not actually beating your Zwift PR, because you don’t have one. (It’s as though it’s your first time riding the segment, and you are just establishing a PR, not beating one.) So, as odd as it may seem, no badge since you didn’t ‘beat’ any PR that existed at the time.

Those statistics are stored locally on your device. So, as with many things Zwift, it’s unexpected, but working as intended.