Bug for running the Farmland Loop in Makuri Islands

I have run the Farmland Loop route in Makuri Islands a few times now and there appears to be a persistent bug that is yet to be identified or fixed. In the last approximately 0.7km of the route, the runner is diverted off the course and never completes the actual loop. When cycling, the cycles completes the route successfully, if they do not change their direction while riding.

It has been a few months that this has been the case and after selecting that route, this morning, it happened to me yet again! So, I thought I’d bring it to the community’s attention and (hopefully) that of the development community.

Has anyone experienced this, also?

This needs to be fixed.


A few months later but, yes, I have run this one twice recently and the same has happened to me. It’s the only course I’ve experienced this with. In case someone suggests it I perform any updates as soon as they’re available. Definitely a bug.

Happened to me today. It’s Zwift Run so the chances of a fix are slim and none and slim left town.