Makuri - Countryside Route

Hello there, i did the Makuri Countryside Route and did 18kms but i didn’t get the Countryside badge, is there any reason why?

Hi @Smirky_Babe, looks like you made some manual turns during the ride and went off course. Make sure you are selecting the route from the menu and not making any manual turns during the ride.

See for all the route details.

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Oh! I’m such a noob, I didn’t know! So if I don’t choose routes manually, it’ll follow the course as it is supposed to be done? Thank you for the info.

Yes, choose the route from the menu and just ride until you see the finish banner pop up on the bottom of the screen. Note you will only get the completed route notification the first time you ride a route and not on subsequent rides.

But i will get the badge if i follow the course and finish it right? Thanks much!

Yes you’ll get the badge too

Thank you so much!