Make the course gradient graph much more visible

I have a trainer (Elite Turbo Muin ant+) that isn’t controllable via resistance. So I go up the gears give me the same feeling when climbing. I sometimes miss the gradient change if I’m not concentrating on the screen.

Some of the options above would be really useful for me;

  • the partially transparent overlay above would be great (and you could have it as an option to turn it off and on with a key).
  • I also like the idea of having a gradient screen in the companion app - this would be really useful for me. It would be good to make the companion app completely customisable, like my garmin 520, so I could create my own screens, and display what I want to see. Everyone would be happy then, as they pick what they want to see
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I did a race that was 7-8 laps of Richmond flat roads (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) and the gradient profile showed the full Richmond lap incl. KOM gates. So my little orange blob would get halfway across this profile, then switch to take ~5 seconds to cover a new “flat” profile, before starting at the beginning of the full lap profile again.
Sure, the profile on the “flat roads” route is pretty much irrelevant, but that just seems like a daft situation.

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I think that is a bit of an over assumption. Lets say you ride around and you get to a turn Zwift don’t know what direction you will go so it need to show something for the upcoming section, so what the software does is show a predetermined profile. (in your case the full Richmond)

So i can understand that in free ride the profile is not always correct, and that is how Zwift was programmed when it started, we did not have events, workouts or races it was all free ride.

Now that races and events are here it will be nice to see the correct profile since Zwift now know what route will be taken. I also assume that his change will take a lot of programming effort.

Personally I very like the way how it is presented in Rouvy.

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Exactly what I need or I will have to go back tacx app

Okay so what about in a situation such as the races on the Richmond flat course today? The elevation profile shows the whole course and the finish line where there UCI finish line was but for the Flat course, the finish is at the sprint banner. Should the elevation profile change to reflect the pre-determined route in events?

I understand a little bit more in the free ride, or that it should at least show the profile of the predicted path, should the user not control the direction of the rider.

O yes I do agree @Freighter

That is why I had that last paragraph:

currently we have a lot of worlds and a lot of routes, in the beginning there was only a few so it was easy to navigate and know the routes by heart. We had posters with routes to help navigate. I have a second screen running Zwifthacks/maps to know where in the world i am at.

It will be nice to have a button to bring up the map full screen with the rider view in the corner and a road profile on the bottom (where the power is now).

Also it will be nice to have another toggle to change the HR/power to profile. Or even multiple options

*HR & Power
*Profile & Power
*HR & Profile
*HR & Power & Profile


Whoops!! My apologies. It can be difficult to see the full message on the phone if you don’t scroll down far enough or have enough respect to see if there is more words below a break. :sweat_smile:

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I just made the switch from a dumb trainer with a speed meter to a fully smart one and must admit that I am struggling with the hills.

  • First, I just don’t see them coming. So I get regularly get surprised by hills: as I reach for my water bottle for example.
  • Second, I struggle with evaluating their length. So I find myself killing my legs trying to muscle my way through hills that are way too long or kill my momentum changing gears for what turns out to be mare bumps on the road.

It’s ruined my fun to the point that I am starting to think about going back to the dumb trainer.

A short search on Google was unsuccessful in finding methods to read the available info to see the coming hills. I personally like the second graph posted by Shay_Vansover_MyWay (on Oct 18) and feel this would be very helpful to me.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate ways to handle the currently available info in Zwift. Is there anything else than the minuscule gradient triangle? How do other users handle hills?

Sorry to hear you are losing some of your Zwift enjoyment after upgrading to a smart trainer. I think it’s supposed to go the other direction!

First off, what is your Zwift setup? I’m running Zwift on Apple TV and a 50” TV and don’t have any issues seeing the current gradient or the upcoming changes in grade on the mini map in the upper right of the screen. On a smaller screen, though, I’m sure it is more difficult. I can also get a reasonable idea of how long a climb is by seeing where my icon is on the course profile at the bottom of the mini map. Again, probably harder on a small screen.

Also, I’m not sure how long you’ve been using Zwift but, in my experience, after you ride each route a few times you should have a reasonable idea of when the climbs are coming and how long they are. If you’re not there yet, maybe give it a bit more time. And there are some climbs (both directions in Titans Grove, for example) that show the remaining distance for the entire timed portion of the climb. Maybe start with those for a while.

Good day,
First off, thank you for all the new changes and updates. We as users are really feeling the love!

I’ve been doing a few races and rides and found that the top right corner does not always show the current route’s incline. Instead it shows the “standard” or “default” incline of that map.
This can mess with your race if you’re as inexperienced as I am. I use that information to know when to save energy and when to push(especially since I’m using a dumb trainer-keeping up to smart trainers at inclines takes some practise).
I understand that Zwift does not know which route you’ll take, but you will always select a certain route, and it should display that route’s incline. With group rides and races there are no way to go off-route in any case.

I’ve found it mentioned briefly in the forums, but it never got an answer:

Now off to get my steering sorted before my ride!

This definitely need to be done. I think ZWIFT should offer, if not custom displays, like 3-4 different dashboard setups, for different type of riders. Races or not races, etc… The current grade indication is too small, the profile is also small and it should be exagerated a bit to also see the small downhill or flat sections.

Maybe in a kom section the dashboard could change. It should be fun made, a bit gamy, and maybe an option for less gamy users… or just ask the user to change sizes of certain things, depending of their use on zwift.

Its a bummer that we still wait for these changes. IRL i have a GPS device which can display everything i need. Simply vote here. :pray:


Zwift have recently added power output and heart rate graphs to the foot of the display and these are EXCELLENT. I think that they could capitalise further on this as follows:
Currently these two graphs progress from left to right, until they reach the right hand side and then start to feed/walk to the left. My suggestion would be to limit the graphs to somewhere between a third and halfway across the screen, and put the course elevation profile as the backdrop to them and make that full width. This should work because power and heart rate will logically follow the elevation profile. And with the graphs stopping part way across the user will clearly see the elevation profile ahead of them. Keep it clean and if you must show other riders then limit it to just the one ahead and the the first chaser behind.


Do you mean the stuff at the bottom of this picture? If so this has been there for ages. You can press “G” to bring it up or make it go away.

It looks a little different in my screenshot - but yes the heart rate and Wattage graphs at the bottom of the screen

Your graph just shows that you were putting out more effort during that portion of the ride. Mine was from a Z1 cool down post DIRT Cup race.

This function has been here for ages.

Bottom example instead of power graph "G’ on keyboard. Have another key tied to the profile ‘P’ for example. That way i can choose depending on the type of ride i want to achieve.


P is used already for codes, is it not? Maybe there needs to be an option for custom key mapping?

Personally I cannot be bothered by the rider list on the right, could be much less from my point of view. That would make room for a more detailed graph on elevation. Especially during free rides it is very useful to know what is coming up