macOS Monterey: cannot establish Bluetooth connection [October 2021] [SOLVED]

As a paying customer and decades-long Mac user, you bet I do. The WHOLE point of a Beta is to give developers a chance to get prepared for an impending release.


Then again, I thought the rule was never to update a x.0 version of the Mac OS and instead wait for an update or two for Apple to get their own bugs sorted, but of course in reality you can’t expect people to stay on the old version.

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My previous reply was tongue in cheek. I too am a long time Mac user. However, I also know not to expect too much from Zwift, even if it is a completely reasonable expectation :man_shrugging:

Sadly, I see that now too. I’ve been a beta user for a very long time and have only once before seen seen such a lack of attention paid to a commercial product this close to a release. Having been unable to use Zwift on my device has been nothing short of infuriating at moments. Can’t load my custom workouts through iOS or tvOS and so…I’m resorting to using other people’s machines to get my custom files sorted. Grrrrr.

I hated the lack of “fun” on TrainerRoad, but I’m hard-pressed to stick with Zwift right now and if it goes much longer, well…



I have a fix.

Update to most recent Public Beta. Using Finder, delete Zwift from /Applications and then EVERY OTHER reference to Zwift after having searched with Spotlight. This includes the info from ~/Library/Application Support/ and the folders. Download the version released today (10/20 v 1.18) and then install.

Simply running the new version of Zwift did not fix it for me.

So far, so good!


Updating to the latest OSX Monterey beta is an interesting discovery. Glad that worked for you!

For others on this thread that have not tried Jared’s tip - would you try something first? Zwift version 1.18.0 contains a fix for a specific BLE bug on macOS Monterety, but you may need to remove all Zwift-related files including what’s under Application Support before reinstalling the latest version (now v1.18.1 as I write this).

Be sure to save your personal best data and any custom workouts before you begin. The complete instructions are on our Support Hub. Would you loop back and let us know if that worked for you?

If you subsequently try Jared’s suggestion and that fixes it - please let everyone know that as well. Thanks in advance.


I updated to Monterey 12.0.1 yesterday, when I launched Zwift it updated itself to 1.18.0, and I’m happy to report that Bluetooth is working again, and my sensors and trainer can connect again. I didn’t perform any of the extra steps from the Support Hub or Jared_Ferguson.

I’ve just tested it again, after updating to 1.18.1, and Bluetooth still works. Thanks for fixing this!


Unfortunately, I upgraded to Monterey yesterday. Zwift doesn’t connect to my trainer or my heart rate sensor, and no solution worked. I completely uninstalled Zwift through AppCleaner and reinstalled it from scratch, still no luck. I’ll make do with the iPad until the guys from Zwift fix this, but any suggestion/solution in the meantime will be appreciated.


Is this still an issue for others? Using Monterey Version 12.0.1 and cannot get any connection whatsoever.

Have tired and the usual tricks, reset, disconnected devices, installed, delete files etc but will not work at all.

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I managed to get a connection with my HRM, but not my trainer after upgrading to Monterey. Curiously, the last time I used Zwift (I think before the upgrade) my MacBook Pro connected to the trainer, but not my HRM.??? I read about re-setting the Bluetooth on the laptop (holding SHIFT+OPTION, then clicking the icon in the menu bar) but the dropdown menu doesn’t have the option to re-set.
I also looked into deleting the (, but that doesn’t exist either.
I tried rebooting the laptop and closing and reopening Zwift.
Note: When I initially opened Zwift today, it did download an update.

Ive got exactly the same problem, updated to Monterey now nothing Bluetooth connects to zwift or mac Id delayed updating thinking the official mac release would be bug free!!!
Did you get a solution?

Same problem. Can’t get Zwift on Mac book pro to connect to bluetooth after upgrading to Monterey

I am still looking for a permanent solution, but while there is any you can run your zwift normally if you reset your bluetoth module.
The option + shift + click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar doesn’t show a Bluetooth reset option in Monterey so you’ll need to run a Terminal command.

open your terminal e run the command: sudo pkill bluetoothd
You must be adm to run that command, so you do that and open Zwfit. Everything will conect after that.

The down side of it is that you need to repeat this process every time you wanna connect zwift.