MacOS launcher freezing/hanging

Hey there Zwiftopia,
For the last couple of weeks I’ve had the MacOS Zwift launcher locking up on me. It seems to freeze and become unresponsive either on the initial post-login screen, or on the next screen. I have attached images of these states with the Force Quit dialog open to confirm.

I have re-installed Zwift a bunch of times. I am on the latest.
I’m Running Sonoma 14.12.

The only way I am able to get the game to launch is if I manually launch the (which then requires me to login each time). Doing this is a workaround because it never freezes at all but it’s less than ideal.

How can I dig into this or provide any logs to you that might help diagnose? It’s been running Zwift for years on this machine and never seen this before.


If you want someone to look at your logs, contact support and tell them you want to submit log files.

You could also have a look at ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs/Launcher_log.txt and see if there’s anything that jumps out at you.

If you have any cloud sync software or anti-virus software running, turn it off and see if that makes a difference.

It writes to ~/Downloads/ZwiftTemp so if anything might prevent it from writing there, such as full storage, that would be a problem.