Launcher hangs on my log in screen (MacOS)

Sorry if this is a common problem
Going onto my MacBook to check my run progress but when i log in and hit profile it just hangs and i have the pulsating coloured ‘Z’ coming at me

Any idea whats up ?


I’m assuming you’re starting the session from the Zwift Launcher app, which kickstarts the game app.

Try these one at a time:

  1. Clear the cache on your Zwift launcher app. Here’s the how-to. Did that clear up the issue?

  2. MacOS requires that you give apps explicit permissions to write to the Documents folder. If you denied these permissions, this can also cause the app to not start correctly. Here’s some info on that.
    In Mac Finder, search for any folders or files called “Zwift” and delete them all to start clean.
    Then download and install Zwift fresh, and this time allow it the write permissions.