MacOS crash during Lamb Chop race

@shooj I have a MacBook Pro w/ 512GB & 400GB storage free, all iOS up to date, and only with the Zwift App alone open - it’s not like I’m using average hardware for this, and I experienced the same with the Lamb Chop Race last week - literally, my first race, and I don’t think I got more than a minute in before it crashed - I had the Facebook stream on the TV - and I wasn’t the only one. Pretty average experience if I am honest.

In general - should the app crash, we’d prefer you send us the log.txt files right away so we can help diagnose that specific incident while the logs are still stored on your hard drive.

We’re monitoring this thread in real time for issues with L’Etape Stage 2. The scale of participation makes these crashes a little different from the Lamb Chop series. I’m going to split this off to its own thread if you’d like to continue discussing it.

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