Macbook Pro issue

I updated zwift last week and ever since this my macbook pro continually crashes while using zwift. I have delated and re downloaded the app twice now and still am running into the same issue…has anyone else noticed this? I have not had any issue with my computer before this.

thank you in advance

Hi @Dan_Langbauer, when your app is crashing is Zwift opening all the way and then closing on it’s own or is it hanging up while trying to launch like described in this forum topic?

I will read through the thread, but mine will go 10, 20 min, and then the screen freezes and then program closes. I am unable to then upload the field to save as it say error in data ( or something like that).

Thank you,

@Dan_Langbauer, If you’re making it to 10 or 20 minutes then it’s not the issue I linked in the other thread as that one is specific to issues while launching. With that big of a time frame and no apparent “trigger” it sounds a bit like this issue that affects specific hardware configurations that are running Monterey 12.0.1 or higher