Mac OSX: Double Click is needed to operate?


I use two (me and my wife’s) 2013 MacBook Pro’s 15" with latest OSX 10.14.6 to run Zwift on an TV Screen.
What bothers me is that you always have to confirm the actions in the menu with a double-click, although the Mac is a simple click standard. So it happens constantly, that I start from the coupling dialog directly into a ride and finish the whole thing and have to start again. Can you change that?

Thx forwards

Same problem for me. Hopefully someone can help us!

I changed now my main zwift system to a windows 10 pc… it works much smoother with Zwift…

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yes, I have the same issues. I had a nightmare trying to pair a new cadence sensor. the search button for cadence sensors on the pairing screen is in the same place as the back button on the next page so you immediately close the window you just opened. I just found the workout on the support.zwift site which helps for now.

Same problem here, driving me nuts :rage: 3 times tonight my ride would start on London when I wanted to choose a route in Watopia became when I “single clicked” my MacBook on “Ok” on the sensor screen nothing would happen. But when I “double clicked” on “Ok” to get it to work it would also activate the “Just Ride” button in the same place on the next screen… Sort it out Zwift!!!

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And same here. Extremely annoying! Zwift thought they had it fixed, but obviously they didn’t. Unfortunately that bug seems to have a very low priority, given the fact that it only affects a few users…