MAC - Buttons in menus are glitchy

(Bart Vonhoff) #1

This bug only started in the last couple of weeks.

All buttons in the menus (ant setup, “just ride” screen, “i’m done” screen, and customization) don’t really work with a single click.

You have to kinda double click a button for it to work (and then it sometimes plays up)

This definately wasn’t an issue more than 2 weeks ago.

i’m running osx 10.10.4 fullscreen, macbookpro, 2.3ghz, 4gb, only really chrome as a background application

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

I’m very sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing, Bart.

We are aware of an issue that sometimes occurs when the ANT+ dongle is left in the wrong state, and can cause severe lag and responsiveness issues in the menus on Mac. Can you please try unplugging your ANT+ dongle while Zwift is not running, and replacing it before launching the program? If this does not solve your issue, please submit a support ticket at and we will continue to work with you to resolve it.

Ride on!