Clicking the menu - very glichy

(Matt Denny) #1

When selecting the type of workout, or setting up equipment…or generally clicking anywhere in the menu…it’s very glitchy. Is one click required, or two clicks. I would click once and the menu would appear and disappear in a flash. I would try clicking again and it wouldn’t appear at all. 

I’m using a macbook pro, and consider myself technically proficient. The menu is a terrible user experience. 

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Can you attach a screenshot? I am using a MBP as well and that is working fine.

(Matt Denny) #3

there isn’t really anything to screen shot. I click something and it rapidly appears then disappears, or it doesn’t appear at all. 

(Paul Allen) #4

Have you checked all your connections, this kind of sounds like a hardware issue.

(Matt Denny) #5

Yes, all connections were thoroughly checked. I had to replug the ANT+ usb a couple of times to ensure it wasn’t that. I have used the MPB before and after that incident, on different sites, and haven’t experienced anything similar.   

(Chuck Rodent) #6

Happens to me about every 4th time on Zwift, I have an iMac. See this workaround: