MAC BLE support

(khoa Lam) #1

From what I’ve read, you can now use your MAC BLE to connect to a BLE compatible trainer without an ant+ dongle and Zwift mobile connect app via ios.  

However, its not clear whether this can be done if your mac only supports BLE 2.1 with older gen. Macs or does that even matter?  I have BLE 2.1 on my mac and it wont’ connect to my Cyclops Power Beam Pro BLE version.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Khoa,

There is a big difference in bluetooth versions. The BLE Zwift is referring to is version 4.0. LE stands for Low Energy.

When your Mac is equipped with a bluetooth 2.1 chip this won’t work with Zwift. You can always use the Zwift Mobile Link app.

The new iOS version has just been released by Zwift. You can use your iPhone/iPad now to connect to Zwift: