Mac beta feedback 2

(Dom Pom) #1

Mac Mini 2011 Yosemite
Wahoo Kickr

After a great 20mn first session, my second session was not so great. I had to cut it short to 20mn because I could not get restarted after a 5mn pause.
Below also some comments on the app itself.

1- Ability to cut the sound

2- After a long stop (say 5mn), the session cannot be resumed (need to quit the app and start a new session)

3- Application just quits after saving the session or discarding a session

4- One should be able to press Return instead of clicking OK in some screens

5- Need have a “remember me” or auto log in feature

6- Menus: When the app is running, occasionally one can’t activate app the app menu nor the Finder menu

7- I started to experience disconnection while cycling. Then after 2 rounds, I stopped for 5mn and could not get started properly again, even after restarting the app, rebooting the computer; sees the trainer (wahoo kickr) initially and connect to it, but when I get on the bike and start pedalling, nothing happens.