Not able to make moving my bike

I tried riding with my Kicker Core on Swift. I chosed New York race but my bike was not moving. The Kicker was recognized connected by bluetooth, but no power value, no speed. By the way, wahoo app was working fine.
I am using swift free trial version. Normally it should work until end of December. Is there an explicit message when free trial ends or does it simply stops working ?
Any idea what could be wrong?


Zwift free trial is only 7 days long, so no way it would go until end of month. When did you start?

The 30 day trial is for trainers purchased from Zwift, not for the Zwift app.

All I can guess, then, is that the OP is not using this promotion, or did not purchase their trainer recently.

My guess is, he didn’t disconnect from Wahoo App before connecting to Zwift.
Bluetooth allows only one single connection.

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I purchased a Wahoo Kickr Snap from a bike shop and with it came a month of Zwift free. In order to activate the free promo I had to actually sign up for Zwift, create an account, give credit card info and activate the free promo from Wahoo. The Zwift free trial version is only good for X amount of miles after that my avatar would not move until I create my account.

I bought the kickr from Wahoo. They provided me a code for one month free, but I did not use it yet, because the first time I launched zwift it was proposing free use, too. So, I decided to save my wahoo code for later. It seems that it is time to use it now. I do not understand why there is no clear message. something like “Free trial is over”.

Thanks for your help.

I did almost the same thing, only I had already entered the promo code without signing up. Then the next day, thinking I had a 1 month free, my avatar went about 50 feet and stopped moving. Like you I didn’t know my free trial was over. Signed up and re-entered promo code and everything was good.