Lost Ride Apple TV - And No riders in Central Park

really 2 items
Using AppleTV app.
1 - during today’s ride there was no one else showing up in Central Park?
2 - the ride was lost and not sure how to retrieve it from AppleTV?
finished ride, saved it, uploaded it to Garmin and Strava.
went to check on Garmin and Strava, and it never showed up. then went to check on Zwift on phone and laptop, not there either.
went back onto the AppleTV app and milage and time were showing up under my name.
waited a bit and checked again and now the milage and time are gone from the AppleTV App?
not sure how to retrieve the ride.

Hey D

From your description of what took place, it sounds like you have network issues. If you’re connecting over WiFi you may want to double-check that you don’t have anything that could be causing interference >Here is a link that will cover possible interference problems<

Unfortunately, there is not any way of pulling the .fit file from an Apple TV.