Lost activity

Hello, i complete a training activity. Then i tried to save but wifi went down. So i lost activity. Ho to recover it? thanks

Welcome aboard, Fausto.

You cannot recover a lost session in Zwift.

You can only upload it to Strava/whatever.


Could you explain me how to get it and charge on Strava? That’s exactly what I would do after every stage of training

Here you go: How to Retrieve a Lost or Partial Ride File on Zwift - Zwift Insider

It doesn’t work. From iPad iOS after got the fit file from Zwift I tried to charge on Strava. Message appear that it is empty file.
From Zwift i selected the one with the today data.
I also tried using the tool to repair the .fit files but nothing.

I successfully imported the activity. I should use all the files (6 files) dated 02/07. Now I can see it on Strava. Thanks for your kindly support. Best regards.

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