Loss of BT signal but still paired during ride, Kickr Bike, Windows 10

Alienware X17 R1

i9 11980HK (8 core, 2.6 GHz, 5.0 GHz Turbo)

64 GB XMP 3466 MHz DDR 4 RAM

Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU 16 GB GDDR6

Windows 10 Pro 21H1 with Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0

No CPU overclocking, and RAM is running at 3200 MHz

Wahoo Kickr Bike

Firmware 1.22.0, which had the Bluetooth FTMS update

Shimano mechanical or DI2 shifting

34/50 chainrings

11-34 cassette

Fenix 6x Sapphire

Latest firmware

Polar H10 HRM

Previously ran Zwift on a Mac Mini M1, with BTLE connection to the Mac.

No problems until I updated the Kickr Bike firmware with the Wahoo Fitness app almost 2 weeks, ago. Have noticed that I get about the same power and speed in a Zwift ride at a given cadence and perceived effort at about 2 gears lower in the big chain ring since the firmware update.

I thought that the power curve might have been changed from 0 (level ground, until app-related resistance changes), but is still 0 in the Wahoo Fitness app and the gearing is also unchanged when checked prior to a Zwift ride. All rides are also recorded on the fenix watch via ANT+ connection in order to get the FirstBeat analytics. I had been getting the Zwift rides sent to Garmin Connect until Garmin recently updated the connections for Zwift to calculate training load, but not other metrics. That resulted in double the training load for each ride, so deleted the ANT+ smart trainer connection on the watch, and reverted back to power and cadence from the Kickr Bike.

I thought that the change in resistance was due to the older proprietary BT smart trainer protocol. The power readings from Zwift via BTLE and the fenix via ANT+ still match each other.

The X17 arrived last Thursday. I have used it for Zwift rides yesterday and today.

It paired fine with the HRM and bike yesterday, but I lost signal for all of the Kickr Bike functions at less than 13 minutes, with each displaying status as connected, but no signal. HR was still displayed in the app via BTLE, and HR, power and cadence were still displayed on the watch via ANT+. Disconnecting and re-pairing the bike functions was successful, but the same problem kept recurring after a few retries. I gave up, ended the ride, closed Zwift, then reloaded. Chose a different course to get a similar total mileage, everything paired, and I completed the ride without any problems, although it was 43 minutes.

Rode again today, again without any problems pairing the HRM or bike functions to the laptop, but got the same problem as soon as the ride was started, with loss of all bike functions but not HRM, and the pairing screen still displaying status as connected, but no signal. I retried a few times, closing and reloading Zwift each time, also without success.

I changed to using Zwift companion for the BTLE connections, and got through a 49 minute ride without any problems.

Is this a Windows 10 problem, possibly due to one of the many recent updates? I would have expected problems with the Mac Mini M1 if it was due to the Kickr Bike firmware update, but have had no problems for almost 2 weeks on the Mac.

The logs from yesterday had ultra graphics profile, but HD (1080) graphics resolution, as I didn’t change it in the app to 4K UHD (2160) until today. I would have uploaded the relevant log files or even pdfs of the Zwiftalyzer files, but only graphics files are allowed.

May not be a Windows 10 or hardware (Alienware X17) problem, as same problem (no signal from Kickr BIke, although still listed as paired) shortly after starting ride this am, resolved few times, then couldn’t unpair and re-pair at 40 minutes. Was paired to Zwift Companion on iPhone 12 Pro Max. No problem with ANT+ signal recording to my fenix 6x Sapphire.

I didn’t have time to try pairing the Kickr Bike to my Garmin 830 cycling computer via BTLE rather than ANT+, will try that and call tech support at Wahoo as well if I get home this afternoon before they close.

The problem appears to be due to Windows 10 BTLE connection malfunctions.

I ran Zwift on my iPad Pro M1 yesterday evening, leaving it connected at a ride start for about 1 hour, checked it periodically, and it remained paired for all Kickr Bike functions, without signal loss. Then rode a short 12 mile course this morning with the iPad Pro M1, also with no BTLE connection problems.

Wahoo technical support thought that it was a Windows 10 BTLE connection issue, and that it is a fairly common problem. They also confirmed that the resistance change (about 2 gears down to me for same power and cadence) after the Kickr Bike firmware update was to make the resistance more accurate for each gear-inch combination.

I ordered the ANT+ dongle from Zwift yesterday afternoon.