Losing Bluetooth connection on a Elite Turno turbo trainer

I am new to this forum. Desperately needed help.
I have been using Zwift on a Ipad,but recently bought a new windows laptop. Whenever I connect to zwift using bluetooth on my laptop i keep losing signal and connection. However if I use my Ipad I have no problems at all.
I do notice when I connect my turbo trainer upto zwift on my laptop it comes up Turno137 and on my ipad it comes up Turno140.

Please help as this is very annoying and the reason I bought the laptop was to connect to Zwift.

Many Thanks for your help

Hi @nigel_HIND

Welcome to the forum.

I assume you are using the laptop’s built in Bluetooth, those are not very strong.

I would suggest getting a ANT+ dongle if your trainer can broadcast in ANT+ mode.

Do you know the maker of your BT/WiFi card? If it is Intel, make sure you are on the latest drivers: Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

If you are asked if you really want to overwrite the maker’s drivers, say yes.

If you are on a Killer (or anyone else), sorry, I have no experience but you can try the same thing.

BT in Windows via Intel has vastly improved over the last couple of years. My laptop, about a year old, sits 15 feet away from the trainer with me and the bike in between with no issues.

Also, use the power cable and do not run the laptop on battery.

Would be interesting if you can post your WiFi make and model.

Here are some BLE transmit power/receiver sensitivity numbers I was able to find (again, worth while reaerching your laptop’s numbers):

Model       Max Transmit      Max Receive Sen      Range (m)

BLE112       +3 dBm            -93 dBm              30-150
BLE121LR     +8 dBm            -98 dBm              450