Looking for a Rock Solid Zwift setup

After having multiple issues with Zwift connecting and pairing to devices - often randomly where it works one day and not the next - I have now missed several training rides which is pretty frustrating.

So my question is - what is the most ‘rock solid’, ‘guaranteed to work every time’ set up for Zwift.

For trainers, I have used a Kickr (Gen1) and now a Neo all w/out pairing issues since 2015. In terms of Zwift, I have run it on two different MacBook Pros, 2 different iPhones, and the AppleTV 4K. Again, all of them have been “rock solid” on both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Which trainer are you using?
Which platform are you running Zwift on?
What specific problems are you having?

If you’re running over WiFi, one of the ‘fixes’ I have seen for connection issues is to change your router to a static channel, instead of letting it constantly look for the ‘best’ channel. Sometimes Zwift will lose connection while the router is searching.

Trainer: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with Control Power Unit
Setup: PC running Win10 and Zwift App which requires the Zwift Companion App which I run on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

In general other apps like Trainer Road work great using a BLE Bluetooth dongle on the PC.

Zwift however, has random issues. Like yesterday when suddenly I receive "No Signal’ indicators from the Zwift App. Worked great two days ago and haven’t changed my set up.

Thanks Nigel! Rock On!

Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless use/share the same frequency band. As a result, they can interfere with each other. If you can change your WiFi to 5Ghz, that should help to eliminate interference. If that is not an option, then hard set your WiFi channel as Nigel mentioned above.

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This is an incredibly complex system… Bike, smart trainer, bluetooth, cell phone, wifi, computer, router, cable company, internet, Zwift servers, and all the way back down the chain of devices. I feel like every time it all comes together and works, 10,000 miracles occur.


That is exactly what I think most of the time.

At the same time, I’d run a Cat 6 cable over my neighbors roof if I had to, to avoid a wireless connection to Zwift. Wired is good.

So true :+1::joy: