Logging in

(Nick Eakhurst) #1

I’m back on zwift and it won’t let me log in. Its says check internet connection. But the internet connection is fine. I can also log back onto the zwift site and zwift companion. I have not changed my detaisl, just been away from zwift for 5 weeks. I have Mac Os and have just downloaded the zwift again. It says 1.0.27304 version. Please help. Many thanks, Nick

(David K) #2

That can sometimes happen if Zwift itself is having trouble finding your local network gateway (Your WiFi Router or Modem). Usually the issue can be resolved with a quick Modem/Router/Device reboot. The reboot has to be done in a specific order, but I’ll add some instructions below:

* Unplug the power cable from your Modem.
* Unplug the power cable from your WiFi Router.
* Leave both devices unplugged for about 2 minutes to clear persistent settings.
* Plug the power cable back into your Modem.
* Wait 3 to 5 minutes for your Modem to completely boot.
* Verify your Online or Internet LED indicator shows that your Modem is online.
* Plug the power cable back into your WiFi Router.
* Wait about 2 to 3 minutes for your WiFi Router to completely boot and begin broadcasting WiFi.

After verifying your devices have an internet connection again, please shut down your Mac for two or three minutes then turn it back on. If you’re still having issues trying to log in afterward, please let us know.