Log files on PC: limited number in folder?

Is it normal for there to only be a limited number of log files saved in the Documents\Zwift\Logs folder?
(I’m running a dedicated Zwift PC on Win 10, having just built it last month. I’ve only been running Zwift on this platform for a month or so, having used an iPad and then ATV for the previous three years.)

I’ve noticed that there are never more than 20 log files held in that folder at any one time, with the oldest one being removed every time a new one is generated. I’ve searched for mention of this, but can’t find any here or elsewhere. The older files aren’t being sent to the trash, so they seem to just… disappear.
If a ComputerSpecs.txt file is generated there, which happens infrequently, it doesn’t push a file with ‘log’ in the filename out. Nor is the number of log files affected by me pasting other random files (jpg, pdf) into the folder.

If that is normal behaviour, is there a way of changing it so that all log files are stored there until I decide to remove them?
Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

Normal. There’s a maximum of 10 of each log file type - the current one and ‘(old 1-9)’. It then continues, always overwriting the current and shifting all the others back.


Cheers, Dave. Something told me you’d swooping in with the answer. :sunglasses:

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