Locked in ERG mode after race started

Something weird happened to me today. I was signed up for a Zwift Stage 3 race and checked into the pen.

Then, I exited and went to do a warm up workout on Zwift which was 9 minute in ERG mode.

Before I finished the workout, I clicked at the “Join Event” button to move back to the Pen (this was first time I exited a workout before the end to jump to pen). A message “Do you want to exit a workout?” popped up and I clicked YES which moved me to Start Pen. Nothing suspicious at this point. I just continued to spin easily for 3 minutes before race start.

Then, few seconds before race start I started to increase the power but nothing happened. Race started and my trainer was easing up and locked me around 100 watts. Guess what? It felt like ERG mode was still active! The field disappeared fast because racing at 100 wats or below will drop you fast. I have exited the event (into free ride) which probably ended the ERG mode too.

Looks like a bug to me. Can someone at Zwift debug it more? The only thing that I did differently than I normally do is that I exited a warmup workout before it ended to jump straight to pen…

Note: I am using Zwift on Android tablet.

I believe it has been reported as a bug.

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Thanks Ian - my experience was the same behaviour as in the first link. At least I know now what not to do.

For others: the workaround is to always End a workout and go to free ride before clicking at Join Event.

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don’t think this is the same as my issue

I have experienced this problem on several occasions. To be specific, I do a warmup workout with ERG enabled and upon completion join my group ride and ERG is still enabled after start of event.

While event is active, if I go into menu/pairing screen and toggle the “control” to unpair/pair and then back to event I find ERG has disabled.

Platform: Win11 on gaming PC and paired via ZCA. I haven’t tested this hypothesis yet but I suspect that if you bypass the ZCA and pair directly via ant+ the problem does not exist.

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