Erg mode not reengaging after stopped pedalling


Yester I was doing some interval training with ERG mode enabled, but I had to stop pedalling in the first interval. ERG mode disengaged as expected, but when I started pedalling again, Zwift never reengaged ERG mode. I tried to use the menu buttons but that did not help. I had to restart my workout to get ERG working again. I never had this problem before, what is going on?

Platform: Windows 10, Kickr Core, Ant+ and BT connections as I also use heart rate monitor.


Hi @Jacob_Michaelsen

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It’s tough to say why ERG mode didn’t re-engage. It may have been just a one-off glitch, especially if you’ve never experienced this issue before. If it only happened once, it’s probably not a major cause for concern.

I’d say if it happens again, then submit a support request to our team and send us all the log files from your computer.

You can contact us here.

Just want to let you guys know this happened to me last week as well. Unfortunately I can’t give specifics as it was a week ago, but I do remember it was about a third of the way through a workout, I stopped pedalling in a rest segment to turn my fan up and ERG wouldnt re-engage.

I’m using a Samsung S20 to provide data to a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Zwift, and the companion running on the phone. By hitting the ERG ON button a few times on the tablet I managed to get ERG to re-engage, but at the same time my companion app froze. I had to restart my phone to get it to re-pair with what was happening on my tablet.