ERG mode cannot be reactivated after 'temporarily disabled'

(Thomas Gugler) #1

Wahoo Kickr Core. (last firmware)
ERG Mode itself works fine! but when stop pedaling i get the “ERG mode temporarily disabled” which is also ok.
but when starting pedaling ERG mode does not start again!
even using the companion app an click the icon for ERG mode does not work any more

(Laurens Alblas) #2

Seen the same a few times (also using Kickr CORE). When viewing the ERG mode setting (arrow up) on Mac, it still shows as ‘on’. When switching it off and on again, ERG mode is still disabled and will not re-engage. But it typically re-engages again when the next interval starts.

(Dave Cook ) #3

Using a Kickr Snap, just happened to me.

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #4

Yes, it happens on my SNAP and then re-engages when the next interval starts. This may really be a feature rather than a bug. I lose ERG mode when I am unable to complete an interval because my legs just are not strong enough. I have entered the “spiral of death”. With ERG mode suspended, I can hobble to the end of the interval, recover in a rest interval and then start the joy all over again. Trainer Road accomplishes much the same thing by keeping the clock running while you pedal backwards. If ERG mode re-engaged immediately, I would never make it to the end of the interval.

(Dave Cook ) #5

Being 30 minutes into a 120 minute segment I would have had a long wait for it reactivate. Lol.