Kept in ERG mode in race joined from end of workout

I did a workout. The last cooldown segment was 85 watts. I tabbed through the last few segments because I had a race to join. It took me to the end ride summary screen. I clicked back, then the Join Event button. I sat 7 minutes in the pens spinning my legs and not paying attention to watts, and when the race started I discovered I was still stuck in ERG mode, and maxxed out at 85 watts in my hardest gear (and every other gear). No way to fix it, race ruined.

I prepared for hours to do well in this race, so I’m not happy. ERG mode should never be active outside a workout!

Severe bug with an easy fix, so Zwift is sure to not fix it for years.

are you using a wattbike? if not what is your setup

Zwift Hub 3.9 firmware, Windows 11connected via ZC Android

I have been experiencing a similar issue on the iPad. At the end of a workout when it enters freeride mode, Zwift will now lock the ERG to the final power value of the workout with no way to escape it. So it is now impossible for me to do a workout and continue riding without being locked into one power. (Kickr core, Zwift running on iPad)