Erg mode doesn't disengage until change in gradient - Windows

I have been meaning to post this for a while.

After completing a workout on Windows connected via Bluetooth sim mode doesn’t kick in until the next change in gradient.

This is a big issue when you finish on a long flat stretch - under water tunnel or in the desert somewhere where it can take a long time for the next up or downhill to come up.

It isn’t a connection issue, everything is fine during the workout and then again once sim mode is activated. happens every time, different PCs and different trainers.

Aaaaaah, is it on gradient change? I’ve been trying to figure this out for myself since it seems like sometimes if you pause a workout it stays at the value of the interval you are in (in ERG mode) and other times it doesn’t (it disables ERG mode). Sometimes it does one for a short while and then the other!

I’ve never been clear which of the two is the “correct” behaviour and which is the faulty one though. My preference personally is for it to pause/hold and hold you at the value you’ve paused at.

I’ve not noticed it when pausing a workout (i rarely ever do) I was meaning when the workout ends.

It may be the same when pausing but i haven’;t experienced that.

Sorry yes hard to know if its the same bug or different but the behaviour seems the same in both cases (for me at least - iPadOS and Wahoo Kickr) - the power will be held in ERG mode at the power of the last interval (if completed a workout) or the interval that’s paused (if completed a workout) for “some” time - that can be 2 seconds or 20 minutes, before suddenly flicking into free ride/slope/non-ERG mode. I’ve never been able to figure out which is the correct behaviour, or what the trigger is. You seem to have identified that its a significant gradient change that causes the switch right?

it should switch to sim mode straight away but i think that it doesn’t until a new gradient is sent to the trainer. I might test pausing a workout next time. It definitely happens after the workout has ended though.

Thanks Chris, good detective work, I hadn’t figured that it was a gradient change that triggered it. I’m due to do a workout today so I’m going to test this, both “pause” and at completion of workout and see if I can confirm this

would be interesting to see because that would mean it is cross platform and not just PC

Hi Chris, as promised, I tested this out today and I’m afraid I couldn’t find any correlation to gradient whatsoever. I paused my intervals several times and the ERG mode persisted for what seemed to be a random interval - sometimes it dropped into free ride mode immediately, other times it stayed stuck in ERG mode for several minutes with the gradient changing more than 5% (positive and negative). I only “completed” one workout, but again the ERG mode persisted for some time across gradient changes, and then dropped into free ride mode based on no change in in-game environment that I could detect.

I’ll keep testing this through the week, but I just couldn’t spot the relationship to gradient change that you are seeing. This is on an iPad Pro, Wahoo Kickr v6 paired via network (not BLE/ANT)

I’ve had this happen a few times before (on iPad Pro), the ERG mode didn’t go away for a while, but if I rode long enough it would. Didn’t notice it had to do with a gradient change but maybe that’s what happened.

I don’t see this often but maybe it’s because I do a lot of workouts on the Alpe which has a lot of gradient changes.

if you can try and end a workout in the underwater tunnel that is a very long section of 0% gradient and sim mode doesn’t kick in until you reach the end of it.

i’m sure this is what happens with me (windows PC via bluetooth)

OK thanks Chris, yes I can definitely do some more testing tomorrow, will let you know how I get on

Today’s ride, workout ended 24.8 miles done

I kept pedalling steadily and erg mode didn’t disengage until 25.3 miles

You can see the sudden loss of power in the graph at the bottom.

And it is where the gradient first changes from being pan flat to up then down before going up the ramp out of the tunnel.

Same again in France today. Workout finished on the very flat bit and Erg mode didn’t disengage until the gradient changed, here

You can see the loss of resistance in the graph on this one, I kept pedaling steadily from the end pof the workout until Erg mode disengaged:

I’m not going to bother updating any further. I think i have found the issue (for me at least). But i’m guessing it is a low priority to fix as it only really impacts you if you end a workout on a section that has 0% gradient for a long period before it changes (doesn’t have to change to 1% just enough for the tiny gradient graph to add a pixel to the otherwise flat line).