Bug: Workout/ERG power continues into group ride/event from previous activity

(Been meaning to log this one for a while and keep forgetting but it happened again today and finally remembered to report it. Probably not much point in reporting it given that nothing else I’ve reported has ever been fixed but hey, call me an optimist, you never know…)

I did one activity that was a workout, in ERG mode. During the workout, I had the “join event” button pop up for an event that I had signed up for. I clicked to accept/join the event. The screen warned/prompted that I was doing a workout and that joining the event would end the workout. I clicked “end workout” and joined the event. However the trainer continued to hold me in ERG mode at the same power as the interval that I had been doing in the workout, despite me being in a new activity and having explictly clicked “end workout”.

The trainer held me in ERG mode for 4mins47s approximately and then dropped into slope/free ridemode. I couldn’t see any reason for the change at that time but I then completed the event as planned in free ride/slope mode.

Note: This may possibly be related to the same underlying issue as Erg mode doesn't disengage until change in gradient - Windows

I’ve seen something similar after I joined a pace partner after completing a ZA workout. It happened multiple times. I don’t generally use workouts at all in the game so I shrugged it off. Restarting the game “fixed” it. I didn’t stay long enough to know if a gradient change would have addressed it. Being at the wattage at the end of a cooldown wasn’t enough to stay with the pace partner so it was pointless to continue.

Thanks for the independent confirmation :slight_smile: