Meetup, keep together, workout and gradient

Dear all,

My friends and I are having difficulties doing the following:

  • a meetup with the option “keep everyone together” [this is OK]
  • one rider doing a custom workout (ERG mode) [OK too]
  • second rider riding free with gradien

it doesn’t to be working so far: namely the second rider does not feel the gradient. I understand one single rider cannot have ERG mode AND feel the gradient but since this is for 2 different riders, could it work and we are not doing it properly?

We did a test after multiple failures during our workout session and during that test we managed to have it work but the “keep everyone together” failed!

I’ve never heard of a rider in a meetup not feeling the gradient because of what another rider was doing. I think that’s unlikely in the extreme here. But I don’t doubt that something weird might have happened with your meetup.

Does the rider who doesn’t feel the gradient in the meetup have the gradient working ok in a free ride? How about if they create a meetup of their own and ride in that?

Thank you Steve for your reply,

so we checked that the second rider could feel gradient in solo free ride. And again, we had it work in a meetup BUT then the “keep everyone together” did not work!

We’ll do some more tries this week with a friend who’s got a Kickr so probably less finicky to set up and I’ll come back to you. I thought maybe some riders did it on a regular basis without any issue.


The speed algorithm can regularly go wrong in a “keep together” meetup, e.g. the group going at times way too fast or way too slow for their efforts.

Sometimes you can get a rider or sub-group that doesn’t get kept together with the rest.

But I suspect it’s a coincidence that one of your riders was having gradient issues. That’s a problem of course, but probably it’s own separate problem.