Local api support

heya! I have a small system developed for me to use my sensors locally on my pc with other programs just so I can both stream and play games with my bicycle. I have custom connections with the sensors running locally in order to have custom displays for both distance and speed to show on stream.

Main issue I’m having is that if Zwift is connected to the sensors, I cant connect to those too at the same time because Zwift is paired to them.

So could there be a chance to connect locally to the Zwift program to check the state of the speed/cadence of the sensors while they are paired up to zwift?

Some kind of websocket or endpoints that runs localhost that I can impact against and get the data so I can run Zwift alongside my current setup while streaming.

Thank you so much in advance! I know its quite the specific request.

Not from Zwift directly but if you look into Sauce for Zwift you can do it with that.

oh thank you so much! they seem to have exactly what i was looking for :heart: I will give them a check right away

Have you tried ant+? With ant+ you can connect multiple sensors to multiple devices/programs

yes! i have everything setup with ant+, problem is when my program connects to the ant+ receiver zwift is unable to access it and viceversa

sauce for switf seems to do the trick so far on my tests, at least for my specific usecase. So i can keep my connection setup when not using zwift, and connect through sauce whenver i want to use zwift alongside my setup