Passing telemetry to external applications

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A bit geeky and probably will not be too popular with general public, but still, it would really cool if Zwift could run external (user defined) script/program on value changes for any telemetry collected (i.e power/cadence/heart rate) passing relevant telemetry attribute as parameter. By doing this we could integrate Zwift with external infrastructure like “Smart home” or Online Life data sharing etc. My idea I could easily “smartify” my hacked WiFi fan to adjust speed on HR (using temperature sensor for now). Possibilities are basically limitless. It OK to do it in config file and not having UI for this purpose.

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It could happen:

Yes, it will be nice if Zwift gives us access to its API. I requested it because I’m doing one smart fun, but I didn’t receive any answer from Zwift staff. I understand that if they open the API to the home developers it can mean costs for them, but by another hand, they can receive a lot of free advertisement.

Finally, I follow with my home project to make one smart fun without using Zwift’s API. Now I’m using a manual mode controlling a normal fan using Alexa and an ESP32, and an automatic mode reading speed from my Taxc Neo smart trainer using BLE connection. In some days I’ll publish information in Instructables page, in case someone is interested.

Yeah, pretty cool tech, but I seems to be limited to lights only. And it is a pretty much a hack. What I hope from Zwift to see official API or at least configuration to push different events to external applications, and yes, probably it should not be limited to telemetry only, some in-game events would be cool as well (i.e. effort checkpoints, ride-ons, elevation, speed etc).

P.S For ambient lighting I use Hyperion with much cheaper component and ultimate customization.

Why not just use ant+ reciever for all your self made smart stuff? Data is already flying around, I don’t see any reason for Zwift to spend their time to write a code for that, especially when they have a partnership with crappy wahoo, who want you to buy their fan.

Finally had a chance to checkout the ESP32, very very cool! I had not heard of it before. It def has some pros (especially built-in wireless networking) and cons when compared to an Arduino.

For if someone is interested:

Hi @bachulator, fancy seeing you here :slight_smile:

Just resurrecting this thread to let everyone know that I authored the HomeAssisatnt integration for Zwift and should serve needs of anyone else looking to geek out with this information:

Hi @nick_gordon or should I call you snicker :slight_smile:

Sure I was one of the early adapters of your integration and still rocking it. Thanks to you I have came up with some rather cool integration. Thanks for your work :slight_smile: