IFTTT Integration Zwift

IFTTT Integration with Zwift would allow home automation and other IFTTT compatible solutions to work for you as you Zwift.
This could enable the Zwifter to do things such as: Start or adjust AirCon when they start a Zwift session, turn on the pain cave fans and a whole host of other actions which could improve the experience.

No longer have to get off the bike and stop riding to change the thermostat maybe balance the AC zones to preference the pain cave when you are riding on Zwift.
Don’t loose your in Zwift position to turn the fan on in the pain cave when in your ride and maybe back off again when you finish.
Have your favourite music start to play when you start to Zwift
Get the coffee machine to start when you complete a Zwift session.
All sorts of opportunities to use IFTTT to make your Zwift experience better.

This can already be done. I have seen lights (John Mayfield for one, but I have seen a couple others) and another guy did a connected fan were the fan speed adjusts to correspond with your in-game speed.

But ya, hopefully there will be simpler ways to do it.

thanks Paul… I looked within IFTTT and there were no Zwift service connectors or applets that I could see to do this integration. .
I will have to do a little searching to see how others might of done this and if they have a work around.

IFTTT is fairly well established standard for integration on the web, so big possibilities if there is a Zwift connector…