Loading map issue on Zwift Companion app

After updating the Zwift app (Game Update on October 22) on my macbook pro, I decided to start a training. When I opened the Zwift Companion app, the map was still loading at the intro.

Both my Zwift and Zwift Companion app are on the same Network and I even made sure that my Iphone is on Airplane Mode to stop any interference.

I also followed all the steps from the link provided by Zwift Support - Link: Issues with Zwift Companion and still nothing.

  • Deleting Zwift Companion app and reinstalling.
  • Logging in / Logging out Zwift account
  • Shutting Down Router and Logging back in.

Before the update, everything was working fine. I’m wondering if I’m missing anything or if any of you had similar issues to this one.

Thanks all for your help,

Try to restart you modem and wifi router

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Thanks Gerrie for the info. Will give it a try.

I had a similar issue this weekend where the map and other riders wouldn’t update on the companion app. I logged out, closed the app, then restarted the app and logged back in. That solved the problem for me. (I’m running Zwift on iPad Pro, Companion app on iPhone 11 fwiw)

Same here! Especially when trying to connect to the Sterzo Smart using the companion apps BT bridge. Only occurred directly after the latest update