Companion app is stuck at the Loading Map

The companion app is stuck at the Loading Map. Any suggestions please? Thanks!!

Hi Adrian,
First thing is to force close your companion app and see when it reloads it fixes your issues.
The next thing I might suggest is to have the device that you run Zwift on next to the device you run the companion app on and then reset your wifi router.
When your devices reconnect they will connect on the same wifi channel and sometimes that makes a difference.

Have the same problem. Already contact the support.
Meanwhile I found some work around that work for me. Following are the steps:

  1. I start the Zwift on my laptop without starting the ZC.

  2. I login without pairing by choosing the SKIP button and OK

  3. I choose the rout I want and enter using the RIDE button.

  4. Only after the Zwift enter the rout I start the ZC… and the correct map is loaded.

  5. Now I go to the the Menu --> Pair in the Zwift app. and pairing my devices.

  6. From this point it is working fine.

  7. So its not so clean but it is working for me, till there will be an official fix.