Live Data / Fit File

Good Evening,
one of our racers that is doing the Ladder has only live data saved since 5 races even though his profile is public.
What could be the cause?

how is he saving the rides ? open or not ?

The Club Ladder Discord channel would be a good place to ask. Share the rider’s ZwiftPower profile with them.

Also make sure they have opted in to sharing heart rate data in their ZwiftPower profile.

yes always open. Since 5 races only (ZRL and WTRL plus the last Ladder race) have become only Live Data and not Fit files anymore.

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Hi Thanks, yes I am on the Ladder Discord, but not sure it is ladder related.

You could also try writing to and see if they can spot the reason

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Is it possible they have changed the setting in zwiftpower?

Are you sure your rider is aware that having a public profile doesn’t mean that his save activity setting may not have accidentally been set to private.

If it is the rider I am looking at he does have one Fit file on his ZwiftPower account from a non race within his run of Live only data.

On his CA activity I can see his profile is open and I can see all his activities except the ones which have no Fit file data. Most likely a sign that the missing activities have been saved as Private.

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Yes, he checked again twice, yesterday and today. In companion the profile is set as public. And nothing was changed.

no, he did not change anything. Check as well in companion, his profile is set to public.

I advised him to contact the zwiftpower team at Zwift. I saw some older post of several problems in the past.

Most riders save too late because they continue riding after crossing the finish line and only save afterwards. This is too late for ZP, so Club Ladder only has access to the live data from ZP. So solution maybe, quickly save after finish.

This is not an issue for ladder events.


Yes the issue has been solved after the rider contacted zwift (zwiftpower team). It was not a ladder related issue as suspected. We are still interested to hear from Zwift was the cause was, in case it happens with other riders. Thanks all for your help