List of upcoming events is missing

The list was there all through the spring months. But from April I’ve been creating my own training sessions and working away at them and nothing else. Tonight I looked to join a PACK group ride at 7pm and went out to warm-up/log-on at 20mins beforehand and there was no way of clicking to join as there was no list of events. Help!.. how do I get the screen back to a format that gives me that option… I don’t want a winter of solo riding.

Hey John, sorry to hear Zwift wasn’t cooperating as planned! When you were at the ride listing screen (the screen where you choose your course before you Ride) did the events not show up on the top right? Can you send us a screenshot of that menu when you get a chance?

Hi Vincent

Thanks for this. I’ve had a speedy reply from Jon G (your member experience agent) and already have made progress. He told me:

I’ve reviewed your profile and I may have located the issue. We recently rolled out a couple of updates Sunday and it looks like you may be on an older version of the game app and the Zwift Companion app is definitely is on an older version. Could I get you to hit up iTunes and verify that your on the latest app versions of both apps?

Back to me.
As of now: the calendar has appeared as per normal in the past… I have clicked to join a ride at 12.15pm (so 45mins from now)… the aim being (i) to see if I get into the start (ii) to see if I can complete it…it is 2.2 and in the past I’ve done 1.7-1.9 w/kg but not a lot of time today. Fingers crossed… and thanks again.