Lightweight Meilenstein wheels

Hey Forrest. Need seen help here on the same Topic. I did my fifth climb of Alpe du Zwift today with some mates. Fifth time Lucky, I won the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels (Or so I thought). But I don’t see the Wheels in My Garage. Also, I noticed I also did not get the achievement award for Climbing Alpe du Zwift 5 times?
I climbed on the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 9th of January (today). Only reason I kept going back up was for the Wheels and the achievement award.
Thanks to assist.

That can happen if you have Zwift open on multiple devices.

Hey Gerrie - I had Zwift open on iPad and Companion. Not multiple unless Companion counts?

The Companion app doesn’t count.

When you look at the AdZ rides in the Companion app, does the first one show the AdZ badge? Does the fifth one show the AdZ 5x badge? Do any of them show you receiving the wheels?

Hi Lin,
Not on Companion. But on the fifth ride as I went past the spinner - it exploded with lights and a banner displayed saying I had won the wheels.
But upon review, I did not receive wheels and I also did not receive 5th climb achievement.