Cycled the Road to sky last week. In the companion app the achievement has been neatly added, but it will not be listed in my Zwift profile. My FTP has also been increased and it will not be changed either. A day later completed another ride and it will be in my achievement of Zwift.Where are things going wrong?

Hi @Roelien6183_Boonstra

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That can happen if you were logged in to another device and did not close it properly. Having Zwift on two devices is a no no.

Thanks, but This cannot be because I was only logged in one device. And then he won’t show him in companion, will he?

So much for the “multiple device” theory…

That is the first place to eliminate the obvious issues.

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Not a theory either, it has been proven.


If “it” happens when multiple devices are in use, as well as when a single device is in use, than issues like this are unrelated to multiple devices.

On the other hand, (other) issues may seem similar, whereas they are actually different, so the conclusion may not apply.

In short, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ does have a point, but surly, not all similar issues are multiple device related, which bags the question - still unanswered - as to what is their source…

I agree with you, just getting the low hanging fruit before advising the user to start a ticket.