Lights are on, no gears engaging

Tacx is 3-4 years old, has been making some weird metalllic disc slipping noises intermittently but just now is not engaging gears at all. Connected to Zwift no problem, lights are on but when I went to ride it was like there was no chain.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

What tacx trainer do you use? If direct drive have you pulled your cassette off and inspected the freehub? The start of your post makes it sound like some of the pawls might have been worn down (slipping) and the not engaging anymore sounds like something is worn out on the freehub.

You can also check out the Tacx Faqx group on Facebook and they might be able to help you out more. A video of the issue posted there will probably help out a lot as well.

Finally you can reach out to Tacx/Garmin for troubleshooting.

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Thanks for your reply. Turns out it is the freehub as you suspected. Tacx support helped diagnose and will send me a new part.