Since update I’m getting dips in power for 1-2 seconds on climbs using tacx flux s - like a loss of resistance - any advice appreciated

Hi all

I did the epic kom and radio tower today which is by far the most climbing I’ve done. I was using the small cog on the front (which I rarely do), and on the climbs I was regularly getting what I can only describe as a slight slipping sensation and my power would dip from 3w/kg to 1.4w/kg for 1-2 seconds and then increase back to 3w/kg. This would happen perhaps every 30 seconds.

If I put the bike back into the big cog on the front I didn’t get this sensation once.

I’m new to cycling and zwift so am unsure what could be causing this.

I use a tacx flux s as my direct drive trainer.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks all

I’ve started suffering the same just recently. The power seems very erratic. Not done a tacx hardware update, so no idea. It’s not there for every ride either.