LG G7 Thinq


I have got

  • a LG G7 Thinq Smartphone
  • a bluetooth/ant+ powermeter and cadence sensor
  • an ant+ heart rate chest strap (Garmin HRM Tri)
  • a Garmin Fenix 5

Is it possible to run zwift cycling with my phone? Pairing bluetooth devices with my phone should be no problem, but pairing the ant+ chest strap won’t work I guess.

Unfortunately my tablets are too weak for sure (iPad Mini 1 and Lenovo Tab 2). Thank you!


Welcome Bernhard,

Yes you will need bluetooth or dual heart rate monitor (Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Dual if you only cycling or Wahoo Tickr X if want have backup for running if Garmin HRM Tri fails)
If will have dual (Bluetooth/ANT+) you can record riding on Fenix for better Garmin Connect metrics.

If Zwift is in the Google Store for that device it should work.

Zwift is in play store. The powermeter and cadence sensor are dual but hr chest strap isnt.

So is it possible that I connect my phone only to power meter and cadence sensor for Zwift and also track everything with my Fenix for Strava upload?

Should not be an issue, I do that all the time.

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I am having som real problems with my LG G7 and connecting It to zwift, It will not find my devices so can not connect to them. All the devices works great wit the Samsung S8, but the LG G7 dosent even find the devices so its impossible to connect them. Any Ideas?

Using hardware

  • Trainer Tacx Vortex (cadance/control/power)
  • HR Wahoo tickr

/ Jonas