(JUSTIN FRONTUTO (Tryon Bike)) #1

Ok, so I have already emails ZWIFT Support three times in the past two weeks regarding an issue with the new Levels. I use an iPad when riding and have been at Level 25 for almost two years. I never received the Robbie the Squirrel Message about my choice of Levels, this one…

So I have asked how do I log out of my account on an iPad when it automatically logs you in to your account? Well, being smart, I decid3d to un8nstall the app, then reinstalled, logged into my account and still no message or change allowing me to advance my levels.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Please help, I would love to continue where I belong with the Levels.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

What is the Zwift version on the iPad? I would guess that you are running an older version.

(JUSTIN FRONTUTO (Tryon Bike)) #3

I’m using version 1.0.32268, the latest version available.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

What happens if you log into Zwift on a PC or Mac?

(JUSTIN FRONTUTO (Tryon Bike)) #5

I have logged on using my PC as well, but made no difference. I find it interesting that I have emailed ZWIFT Support three times and not once have they even attempted to get in touch with me.

(Forrest) #6

Hey Justin, I’m sorry if you didn’t get the reply from our support team, they sent an email over to you on the 16th with some pretty good info. Basically, it looks like your app was a bit out of date, which was why you weren’t seeing the new level options.

But when you reinstalled the app yesterday, you got the newest version and our system is showing that you chose “bring on the levels,” so you should be all good. Keep in mind that this doesn’t immediately grant the new levels but rather boosts your XP gain until you’ve reached the appropriate level. You can find the details over on our news page about the accelerated levels.