IOS is not working to LEVEL UP for me

Hello … I tried to post this on Game Release as well …

The new LVLs above 25 worked for me fine on my PC setup. I even gained LVL26. However, when I logged into my IOS setup (IPAD), I was back on LVL25 and the progress bar was not showing progress even though I was earning 25XP per km. I also suspect that the earning was not at my 10x level for already having earned a bunch of XP above 25 too? Something seems really amiss with IOS and the new levels for me. Who can help? I am riding on NYC course, so these IOS seems updated to me. Thx. KC Race3R

I’m primarily on Apple TV, but double checked my MacBook and iPhone. All show the same, level 27.

Is your iPad running the latest iOS? Is your iPad running the latest Zwift app? Manually double check that both are updated.

I will do. I will report back. Thx KC

Currently updating to IOS 12.1.1 – I was on auto update … Zwift was current, automatically.

We shall see if this helps.


It did not work … I am still sitting on LVL 25 in IOS while I am LVL26 on PC … I also am see XP each km, but my progress bar stays on zero. Any other ideas pls? Thanks. KC

AND my level has been DOWNGRADED to LVL25 on my Zwift profile at … Nice !!! KC

I have gone to Zwift Support for help.

Same thing for me KC… not cool. I will waiting for Swift support…