Lenovo M10 plus (2nd gen) doesn't work correctly with Tacx Genius (T2080)

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 64GB (2nd gen) [TB-X606X] 4GB RAM running on Android 10 doesn’t work correctly with Tacx Genius (T2080).

Sometimes on crouded and busy rides it starts to lag and freeze and Tacx Genius starts to display low cadence and power figures. So the resistance it generates during this buggy rides is much more than displayed on the screen (also intervals last longer since timer lags and freezez as well).
Tried to connect my old Ipad Air 2 when Lenovo started to lag and Ipad worked just fine. So I think its latest Android Zwift app update that introduced this bug.

The bug is not reproducable on relatively free rides

Same here with kinetic smart control. The avatars are partly only bicycles without riders. The game is very choppy…