Lenovo M10 Zwift Crashes when loading

Hi all
I’m a new user to Zwift, currently on the free trial and enjoyed my first ride yesterday using my phone screen. I enjoyed it so much i went straight out and bought a Lenovo M10 (listed as supported under Zwift) so that i would have a bigger screen.

I downloaded the app and tried to launch it…it ‘tries’ to load but crashes before it reaches the main menu. I have deleted and reinstalled the app - no change. I have been through every setting and Lenovo support to no avail. Can anyone help? Im at my wits end here lol.


Are you within the return period for the tablet? If so, do that. Pick up a refurbished iPad (7th or 8th gen is fine) directly from Apple. https://refurb-tracker.com/ There’s usually no point in going to the local used market as people try to sell older iPads for more than a newer refurb directly from Apple.

Look, I say this as someone who is firmly in the “Windows PC + Android phone” world: I bought an iPad specifically to run Zwift because “it just works.”

It’s just ridiculous to buy an iPad since their coding sucks!!! Both my HP and Lenovo laptops crash…at different times and annoying AF.

Clearly they are not solving their issues!

Hi @Michael_Baraga

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What are the laptop specifications?

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Hello Gerrie,

Are you a SAF-er?

My Lenovo has the following:

Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU @1GHz 1.19GHz


64 Bit OS x64 based processor

Running Windows 11 Home v. 21H2

Let me know if this helps?




Hi @Michael_Baraga

Yes SAF-er living in the USA.

Bad news the 10th and 11th gen intel processors has issues. I think there a a way to make it work under windows 10 but I am not the right person to help.

Dave is the man with all the answers he has good info on his FB page: ZPCMR - Zwift PC Masters & Riders | Facebook

Howzit Gerrie,

Okay and thanks for the info.

Nice and I grew up close to CT, Gordons Bay and Somerset West. I lived in Colorado for 25-years before moving to Switzerland 18 months ago.

I‘ll check Dave out and such a headache that it’s the CPU.

Take it easy.



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